What is Global Law Brigades (GLB)?

GLB is a secular, international volunteer network of students and law professionals who collaborate with local partner organizations in community development efforts that serve to improve quality of life by implementing:

  1. legal empowerment
  2. human rights education
  3. environmental protection
  4. and business law strategies

GLB provides sustainable solutions by providing:

  1. Direct Capital Investment In The Community (Community Investment Fund): As part of the GLB cost, each brigader will contribute $100 towards direct capital investment in the community they volunteer in.  This money will be used as the Brigade Team sees fit to provide the best long terms sustainable legal solutions and it is up to the individual Brigade team as to how this money will be allocated.
  2. Human Resource Capital: Each Brigade will include at least 10-15 students who will engage a community, create an intercultural dialogue, and collaborate to provide the best sustainable solutions possible.  Often times, brigaders walk away from these experiences learning much more than taught and gaining a valuable and eye-opening experience.
  3. Global Brigades Is Not a One Time Hand Out. Often times, if a Brigade believes it is necessary, they can pursue 1-2 follow up brigades to ensure the execution of their sustainable development solutions.  Global Brigades staff along with our partner organizations also continue to monitor the success of each brigade to ensure long term sustainability.

Who joins GLB?

Mainly pre-law and law students form Global Law Brigades clubs at their universities.

  • These clubs organize week-long trips to Panamá, accompanied by advisors and local guides, to participate in legal empowerment projects including human rightsindigenous rightswomen´s rightsenvironmental protection, and organic and fair trade certification.
  • Our programs identify and analyze domestic and international laws beneficial to disadvantaged communities, so we can create positive, proactive solutions.

What is GLB’s Mission?

Global Law Brigades programs in Panamá also work in collaboration with our strategic development programs including BusinessArchitecture , and Environmental Brigades.  Together we empower students, professionals, partner organizations, government agencies and developing communities to challenge poverty through a holistic and sustainable approach to development and poverty alleviation.

Where is GLB?

Currently, GLB is working in local Panamanian communities, with possibilities for expansion to other regions. Thus far, successful brigades have been implemented in the Panama Province with seveal Embera Indigenous Communities.

Leadership Team

Diane Dunn, Law Brigades Founder and US Contact

Carlos Saldaña, Law Brigades Director, Panama